The Pearls

Schioppettino di Prepotto

Where Judrio river laps on Albana plain, we produce this great red wine from selected Schioppettino grapes.
Ruby red with violet hues, vibrant bouquet recalling red berries and cyclamen.
The palate is full and complex, marked with authentically varietal pungency.
Excellent partner with mushrooms velouté, fermented cheese, roast meat and noble wild game.

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This wine bears the same name of the grapes used to produce it, which are cultivated on Santo Spirito hill over Albana plain. The grapes are at first selected with care then pruned and laid down for drying until late autumn.
“Golden yellow in glass, disclosing its unmistakable personality at nose. Vibrant bouquet with liquor hints, flower driven, recalling exotic fruit and with melon notes. The palate is soft creamy, complex and well balanced. Elegant almond flavour finsh.” (from “Ai Migliori vini d’Italia” by D’Agata and Comparini).
Conversation and meditation wine, excellent with fermented cheese and fois gras paté.

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perla nera

Ruby red color with a garnet hue. This wine fascinates us with flavors of cinchona, mixed peppers, cinnamon, licorice, a balsamic hint where mountain pine emerges; furthermore: cassis, sweet spices, star anise and mulberry jam. A complex wine, with no doubt. It is sweet but not sweet, velvety, elegant, firmly structured. This wine shows a very long and coherent back palate, to be remembered for a long time. It looks like a cocktail dress by Coco Chanel, enriched by the unavoidable pearl necklace. Perla Nera is a wine that is able to tell a lot of stories, to be enjoyed during all seasons. It can be delightful if served, at the right temperature, with aged cheeses, pappardelle pasta with wild boar meat, wild game courses with cranberries jam and also dark chocolate.

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