The winery

The winery is situated in the heart of Schioppettino mother earth, in the small village of Albana di Prepotto, lying among the gentle hills surrounding Judrio river valley. Forming a natural amphitheatre, this beautiful scenery is also ideal for wine growing, thanks to the favourable draughts that keep the soil dry and to the deep temperature range, which develops elegant aromas in the grapes.

The marl soil (called "ponka") dating back to the Eocene era crumbles in the rain and the sun, therefore enriching the soil with mineral salts and microelements which are fundamental for wine growing, in particular for Schioppettino grape. 

Wines are made by using modern technologies and respecting local culture and traditions at the same time.

Hilde Petrussa manages the winery since 1995, when she began restyling the vineyard, privileging indigenous grapes and increasing the number of vines per hectare. Furthermore she decided to use Guyot system for all the new plants and to grass all the area under vine. 

Wines quality is granted by the severe managing of vineyards, together with thinning of grapes and manual harvest at the time of full and well balanced maturation of grapes. Furthermore, for Picolit and Richenza, quality is also given by a partial drying on drying racks.